Symposium 2013

The second annual National Student Electronic Music Event will be hosted this year at Temple University in conjunction with conTemplum’s annual New Music Symposium. The event will feature a keynote address by Ge Wang, one of the primary creators of ChucK audio programming language and co-founder of Smule.

N_SEME was created by and for students, aiming to bring together the nation’s composers and performers currently studying in the ever-growing field of electronic music. We welcome students to share ideas and learn from an experience completely surrounded by peers. Although the composers, performers, judges, and coordinators are all students, everyone is welcome to join us for this exciting event.

The conference will take place March 22–23, 2013 in Philadelphia at Temple University. All conference events are free and open to the public. Click here for a full schedule of events.

Please feel free to contact the conference director, Adam Vidiksis, if you have any questions at

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Tom Beverly (Trinity University) – Angry Young Man
Federico Bonacossa (Florida International University) – e poi solo sfiorandole…
Jane Cassidy (Tulane University) – The Night After I Kicked It
Kris Christenson (Roosevelt University) – Battling Entropy
Ian Michael Clarke (Indiana University) – Buzz Click Clean/Mortality
Giulio Colangelo (Conservatory of Frosinone) – THAUMA [studio no.1 for 2]
Andrew Ludolph Conklin (SUNY Stony Brook) – Just One More Question
Brian Cook (University of Hartford) – To Mock
Nathan Corder (University of South Florida) – Seppuku
Luca De Siena (Conservatory of Frosinone) – Concrezione
Erik DeLuca (University of Virginia) – The Edge of the Sea
H.E. Cicada Brokaw Dennis (Temple University) – Sit Still
BJ Derganc (Peabody Conservatory) – Staring at the Sea
Carlos Dominguez (Dartmouth College) – with just a few more seconds
Amanda Feery (Princeton University) – Sídhe
Ethan Frederick Greene (University of Texas at Austin) – White Noise
Moon Young Ha (New York University) – Amorphisms
Ethan Hayden (SUNY Buffalo) – bats with baby faces in the violet light
Nick Hwang & J. Corey Knoll (Louisiana State University) – Fishing for Jömangandr
Michael Laurello (Tufts University) – Tell hope everything you hear (Glitch Study)
John Liberatore (Eastman School of Music) – The vines in the carpet
Martin Marier (Université de Montréal) – L’éloge du mou
Seth Messier (University of Georgia Southern) – Mother's Embrace
Jason Holt Mitchell (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) – Cascarones
Anne Neikirk (Temple University) – Balloonman
Yemin Oh (Louisiana State University) – Memoriam
Ryan Olivier (Temple University) – Colorful Movements
Carter John Rice (Bowling Green State University) – Soundscape for Violin
Michael Rickelton (Peabody Conservatory) – 6:46
Jessica Rudman (CUNY Graduate Center) – My Father Was a Ventriloquist
Andrew Martin Smith (Bowling Green State University) – Ambiance
Michael Sperone (SUNY Purchase) – Strong Interactions
Laura M. Staffaroni (Bard College) – fractal fireworks
Daniel Strokis (Winthrop University) – Atelerix albiventris
Maxwell Tfirn (University of Virginia) – No Harm Shall Come to Others
Joshua Tomlinson (East Carolina University) – Audible Desserts
Kyle Vanderburg (University of Oklahoma) – Blueprints of Eternity
Adam Vidiksis (Temple University) – synapse_circuit
Kristina Warren (University of Virginia) – Three Sonnets of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Nina C. Young (Columbia University) – Sun Propeller


Joshua Devine (Temple University) – Interference, Chaos and Recursion:
Per Nørgård’s 2nd Symphony

Joshua Harris (University of North Texas) – The Body in Helmut Lachenmann's
"Filter - Schaukel" from Ein Kinderspiel: A Phenomenological Analysis

Nick Hwang & J. Corey Knoll (Louisiana State University) – GUA: Development of
a Digital Instrument

Richard Charles Lee (Temple University) – Deterritorialization and Cosmic Expression
in the Turangalîla Statue Refrain

Ryan Olivier (Temple University) – Imaginary Cognition
Jessica Rudman (CUNY Graduate Center) – Disruption and Development: Pitch
Processes in the Music of Ellen Taaffe Zwilich




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